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About Delta Rom Technologies, your partner in the manufacture of precision components

Over 22 years of experience

With over 22 years of experience and a rich clientele spanning various industrial sectors, Delta Rom Technologies now stands as a mature company, serving as a trusted supplier for prestigious companies in various industries, like automotive, electronics, aviation, and more.

Boasting an extensive product portfolio that includes electronic component pins, electrical contacts, power sockets, and various wiring solutions, our company approaches each new project with the assurance that comes from over two decades of experience. We provide clients with practical solutions that align with their budget constraints, ensuring project completion under the agreed-upon terms.

SC Delta Rom Technologies was founded at the end of 2000 and represents a significant French investment in Romania, focusing on precision industrial components.

Our operational journey began effectively in March 2001 when the first production machines were installed and put into operation, and the first employees were brought on board. Our field of activity is the manufacture of products in the realm of fine mechanics. Delta Rom Technologies’ products cater to factories engaged in the production of electrical, electronic, and automotive components. To facilitate this endeavor, our company is equipped with an array of machinery and tools, including:

Our company has been employed in installation, Technical Quality Control (TQC), cutting machine operations, and cable assembly. Our production activity spans five days a week, maintaining a brisk pace and fostering continual collaboration with our clients and suppliers.

The company procures its raw materials, packaging materials and spare parts from countries such as France, Italy, Sweden, Germany, the Czech Republic and Romania. The primary raw materials supplied by our company are:

  • Cu-plated Fe-Ni metal wire
  • OL-INOX metal wire
  • Fe-Ni metal wire
  • Electrical conductors
  • Connectors and other connecting elements

Over 90% of our production is destined for export.

The company has the capacity to produce about 25 million circuit breaker components per month, as well as approximately 25 million connection pins for airbag detonator capsules and various other fine mechanical parts. Additionally, we produce and assemble about 80 thousand cables per month.

Our annual turnover has seen consistent growth, exceeding 2.3 million Euros in 2022. Driven by customer demands, we have continuously strived to enhance the quality of our products. To this end, we established a Quality Management System, obtaining ISO 9001:2000 certification in November 2002 and IATF 16949 certification in 2018.

Avand in vedere dezvoltarea din ultimii ani a industriei romanesti, una din directiile catre care actionam este si aceea de a identifica noi posibilitati de colaborare cu firme autohtone ce activeaza in domeniile enuntate (electric, electronic, automobile) sau cu potentiali furnizori care pot respecta niste standarde calitative comparabile cu cele europene.